Feature Film

The Arbit Documentation of An Amphibian Hunt: Aavasavyuham

Europapremiere. A deeply-sensitive mockumentary about the ecology, society and man’s interactions with nature.

The Government has granted an Indian oil corporation permission to build an LPG Storage terminal in the fragile ecosystem of ‘Puthuyvype’ a small island in Kochi. Apart from the inherent risks this project has affected those whose livelihood depends on the sea. A fisherman and the impending danger from the Oil company has contributed to Joy’s ability to communicate with the fish and draw them into nets. He is one with the nature other than the people around him. Locals recall in a tale mixed with myth, divinity and dis- turbing ecological disruptions. ‘Joy’ may not be just an ordinary man. Just like the Biologist speaks of hunting for a rare species of a frog, people begin to hunt for a rare species that Joy has become. Fantasy and realism find a perfect balance in this surreal mockumentary.

Director, Writer and Producer: Krishand RK • India 2022 • 112 Min • Malayalam with English Subtitles • Cast: Rahul Rajagopal, Sreenath Babu, Sreejith Babu, Zhinz Shan

15.10.2022 (Samstag), 16:00, Frankfurt

The Arbit Documentation of An Amphibian Hunt: Aavasavyuham, Ticket Fee 10€/ reduced 8€  Harmonie, Dreieichstraße 54, 60594 Frankfurt