Short Film Wallah 2023

German Premieres with Award ceremony

The German premieres offer a great variety with exciting perspectives - from horror with jump scare to family drama, whereby complex themes are also dealt with in the shortest form.

A Family Portrait
An auto-ethnographic film about the relationship between distance and memory and what role they play in the migratory experience of immigrants.

Anthem for Kashmir
The "Anthem for Kashmir" banned by the Indian government as a short report on the Indian occupation of Kashmir highlighting forced disappearances, half widows, encounter killings and victims of shotgun attacks.

Dos Bros Force
In a strained immigrant household, the young daughter and her brother teach their workaholic father that being there for the family is just as important as working for their future.

In Lahore, Pakistan, a young Swedish woman founds a school for Pakhiwas nomads, who learn there how to improve their lives.
In Lahore, Pakistan, gründet eine junge Schwedin eine Schule für Pakhiwas-Nomaden, die dort lernen, wie sie ihr Leben verbessern können.

Hide & Seek
A girl struggles to find her way in the interstices of her multicultural identity - a poetic exploration.


Raj – Lost & Found
A young man cannot accept the dark secret surrounding his identity. Lost, he drifts through the crowds of the "Kumbha Mela" and comes across the truth.

A few minutes before the destruction of a mujahideen camp by US forces, a Sikh prisoner in solitary confinement turns to his faith and dares a risky escape.

Stick No Bills
A video poem made of 20-year-old photos taken in Kochi, Kerala, by architect and cultural historian Klaus Kürvers, who also provides the soundtrack.

Thaipusam – trance for the son of Shiva
A sensual-hypnotic impression of the Hindu festival Thaipusam with its rituals, its spirituality and its deeply touching community spirit.

Samstag 07.10.2023, 18:00 Uhr

Short Film Wallah,
Fee 10 (reduced admission 8€),
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