Feature Film

Purusha Pretham – Male Ghost

European Premiere in presence of director Krishand

Sub Inspector Sebastian handles a unidentified male body and become tangled in a procedural, personal and emotional maze.

The respected sub-inspector "Super Sebastian" has a problem: A corpse has washed up in his district in Kochi, of all places, and no one knows who the dead man is. Shortly after the body is buried anonymously because no one has come forward, the grieving widow Susana turns up and claims that the dead man is her missing husband. But Super Sebastian doesn't believe a word she says and has a very specific suspicion ...

A film noir in which the police do not come off particularly well. "Wrapped in a dash of humour and with due respect for the deceased, the film explores the system with a touch of satire." (Director Krishand)

In der Kategorie “Bester Umweltfilm” erhielt Krishand für seinen Film “Avasavyuham” den National Film Award 2023.

Director, Writer and Producer: Krishand • Indien 2023 • 152 Min • Malayalam mit engl. Untertiteln • Cast: Alexander Prasanth, Darshana Rajendran, Devaki Rajendran, Jagadish, Jeo Baby


Sunday 08.10.2023 17:30 H

Purusha Pretham – Male Ghost, Ticket 10 €/ reduced admission 8 €,  Orfeos Erben, Hamburger Allee 45 , 60486 Frankfurt am Main